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Blog Posts are created weekly, personalised and unique to your studio. Just copy and paste to your blog.



Select from our many email and letter templates for the one that you need. It is automatically personalised, you just copy and paste.


Blog Posts

Our ready written blog posts take all the effort and hassle out of keeping your blog up to date. A regularly refreshed blog will both increase customer confidence and boost sales. Up to date blog posts will also help your SEO and get you higher on Google.

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Wide range of topics

Your personalised and unique blog posts cover the whole range of photography. They include posts on weddings, bump to baby, children, teenagers and family. You also have posts for specialist topics like boudoir, commercial and location shooting.

Unique to you

Each blog post is hand-written, with our proprietary "spinner" technology which ensures that your posts are completely unique.

Increase Sales

The blog posts are written with the general viewpoint of increasing sales and uplifting profits. Written by a studio owner these are not generic posts, but very focussed on calls to action. They aim to increase your sessions and increase your revenues.

Time Saving

JustCopyAndPost blogs will save you so much time. No more worrying about what to write, how to write it, choosing the right words, checking spelling and everything else that is involved in writing a engaging post. The writing is ready to go, just copy and post.


Your blog posts are automatically personalised, with details like studio name, contact details and more. Of course, you can further customise the post if you want, changing the text, adding special offers and so on.

Regular Marketing Ideas

Monthly marketing posts are also included. Every month has one blog post which features a shoot type or product that is appropriate for the date. For example promoting special Valentine's day boudoir shoots, or Christmas gifts.


Emails and Letters

Stop writing the same kind of email over and over again! These pre-written emails cover nearly every topic you might ever need. Just fill in the special info, like client name and shoot date and the email is automatically created ready for you to Just Copy And Post.

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Automatically Personalised

Your emails are automatically personalised with information like studio names, contact details, payment terms and more.

Large Collection of Topics

An extensive collection of emails covers all the topics you might need, from enquiry follow-ups to booking confirmations, before and after shoot emails and more.

Difficult Questions Solved

You also have "Problem and Answer" emails for those difficult client questions, requests and even complaints.

Saves Time and Effort

No more writing the same thing over and over again, or worse, not including important information. Every letter asks you for the key information required, so no forgetting to include the appointment date or payment terms!

Completely customisable

Of course you can further customise the emails. So you can address specific client questions, add special offers, suggest upsell posibilities. Every core email can be customised by you so it is always consistent.

Focussed on Sales

All the emails are focussed on generating you more shoots, increasing turnover and improving profits. They are written by a studio owner who has been using these emails for over 10 years. Call to Action lines are included when ever needed.