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Personalised YES! YES! YES!
Multiple Categories YES! YES! YES!
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    Each week we send you an email to remind you to copy this weeks post.
You click on Current Blog Post. You get a unique, personalised post.
You copy the post to your blog, click Post! Your done.
We also include business tips or advice with many blog posts to give you ideas for better marketing.


Every blog post should have at least one of your pictures (a photography can't use stock photographs!). We include recommendations of the types of picture to include.

Get handy tips

Copy blog post

Paste into blog


The posts range of a wide range of topics including weddings, portraits, boudoir, teenage, location, studio shoots and so much more.


The topics are written to be informative and interesting to the reader. Many topics include a "Call To Action" to help drive sales.


Here is a list of the groups:
Boudoir 14 posts
Family 15 posts
Maternity 11 posts
Teenage 11 posts
General 13 posts
Engagement 8 posts
Wedding 30 posts
Monthly 28 posts
Commercial 40 posts


Here are some example titles:
5 Fashion Tips For Your Bridal Photo Shoot
5 Ideas for Telling Your Love Story in Your Engagement Session
8 clothing tips/ideas for maternity sessions
Booking your baby shoot session
Boudoir Sessions for Curvy People
Building an image library
Christmas Is Coming!   Great Gift Ideas for You
How to get FREE advertising
How to Get Him Into Wedding Mode
Keeping Children Happy at Weddings
Open Top Car for Your Wedding
Personalising or Theming your Engagement Session
Pictures in blog posts and why they are vital.
Planning for Great Wedding Photographs
Relaxed Newborn Photo Shoots
Save the Date and Invitations
The "Golden Hour" or What's the Best Time for Your Location Shoot
The Best Ways and Options for Displaying Your Photos at Home
The value of good photography
US Passport and US Visa Photographs
Valentine Gift Offers


Every post goes through our "spinner". This makes sure that the post you have is absolutely unique, no other users will receive the same post.


Every post is professionally written and the spinner is hand-crafted (all by English speakers, so no odd translations or grammar).


We also include relevant studio details, such as your studio name, phone number and so on.


Of course, you can personalise it and tweak it yourself to suit your style and your voice.


Select the email you want from over 130 emails provided. For example "Follow up to Family Photoshoot Enquiry Email"
You enter on screen any required additional information, often just the client's name.
The text is automatically personalised with studio name, opening hours etc.
You cut and paste the email directly to your own email program and click Send.
Or, you can copy to your word processor for printed letters.

Select subject

Enter info

Finished email


There are over a dozen "snippets" which are automatically included in your letters. You can edit these at any time.


They might be a short entry, like the studio name.


They also include longer entries, for example opening hours, payment terms and so on.


Of course, once you have copied the text to your email or word processing program you can continue editing as required.


Absolutely! You can edit the templates at any time. This lets you further customise the emails so they are very specific to your business.


You might want to add procedures, bonuses, USP's or any additional information to the letter.


Most of the letters already include a "Call To Action" and contact details to help encourage sales.


Some of the templates relate to specific events, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas etc. This gives you pre-written templates for gift reminders, but these you will probably want to edit to make them more relevant to the services and products you offer or want to build sales on.


The emails / letters are broken down into categories to make it easy to find the exact email you need.


Email/Letter Categories
Follow up after email enquiry 12 entries
Follow up after phone call 12 entries
Client needs to book date 24 entries
Confirmation of booking 24 entries
Before the shoot 6 entries
After the shoot 17 entries
After the shoot - Client Requests 5 entries
Order Progress 7 entries
Keeping in touch 8 entries
Problems and answers 14 entries
Job Seekers 8 entries


Here some example titles:


Emails around booking:
Follow Up from Email Enquiry - Family Photoshoot
Client needs to book appointment - Family Photoshoot (No Booking Fee)
Client needs to book appointment - Family Photoshoot (With Booking Fee)
Confirmation of Booking: Family Photoshoot (No Booking Fee)
Confirmation of Booking: Family Photoshoot (With Booking Fee)
Client has cancelled (no booking fee)
Client has cancelled (with booking fee)
Client has rescheduled
Client needs to reschedule
Day Before Quick Reminder
Feedback request when not booked

After the shoot:
Day After Thank You Note - Viewing Booked
Day After Thank You Note - Viewing Not Booked
Reminder of Viewing Date
Reminder to Book Viewing Date
Thank you for order
Client No Showed (no booking fee)
Client No Showed (with booking fee)
Gallery Available Online - After Viewing and Ordering In-House
Gallery Available Online - No Viewing In-House
You asking client: Feedback Request via email
You asking client: Feedback Request via Online Survey
You asking client: Online Testimonial Request
You asking client: Referrals Request Form
You asking client: Can We Blog About Your Session?
You asking client: Can We Use Your Session on Social Media?
Client published on Your Blog
Client published on Your Facebook

Keeping in touch:

Christmas Gifts
Engagement Anniversary
Happy Birthday
Baby Born
6 Months since Baby Born
12 Months since Baby Born
24 Months since Baby Born

Problems and Answers:
Bad Cheque Email
Bad Credit Card
Client unhappy with images or product
Client wants a re-shoot (agreed free of charge)
Client wants a re-shoot (chargeable)
Client wants a refund - you agree
Client wants a refund - you do not agree
Copyright Infringement
Discount Inquiry
Images Corrupted or Lost
Raised prices
Client asking for photoshopping - additional fee
Client asking for photoshopping - you need to know more
Client wants unreasonable or impractical photoshopping


There are 130+ email templates and 170 blog posts.


These are all already written and ready to go.


We will of course be adding more to both categories as time goes on.


There are three main reasons:


1) Subscription services means we can keep your up-front costs down.


2) You don't have to worry about the system disappearing because it always paid for.


3) It means we have an on-going incentive to keep adding new content for you.


In the meantime, we think you will more than recover the costs during the year just from the time you save writing when it has already been done for you.


Remember, There is no minimum contract, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


It saves you a whole, huge bunch of time.

It means you don't have to type the same emails over and over again.
It means you have regular, fresh content for your blog.
Along the way you might learn about business and sales opportunities and tricks that are new to your business


I've been using versions of many of the blog posts on my own site and achieved page 1 on Google with them.

I have used all of the letters on a daily basis running my own studio.
They are written so they are easy and clear to read.
They are all written by English speakers so no strange translation glitches.
The blog posts are each hand-crafted so the "spinner" always generates meaningful text, with correct grammar.
The "spinner" is a purpose built algorithm which substitutes a range of words, phrases and paragraphs into the text. This ensures that no two users get the same article.
Each article can have hundreds of variations.


Yes, both are supported, you tell the system which you want.



I have been a professional photographer for nearly 20 years.

I have run a full time studio for 15 years, the largest studio in the south west of England, with regular bookings from a wide range of clients.
All the emails and blog posts have been used in "real life".
These aren't just texts dreamt up by someone who has no knowledge of the photographic business. I have been embedded in the business of running a studio and very aware of all the challenges and opportunities that represents.
The writing presented is all about managing clients to boost sales, increase profits and manage clients.
Aside from that, I have also authored many books on photography, been an award winning photographer, regular teach for the RPS and more.
Prior to all that, my background was in software and marketing.
So, this particular venture is built on many skills developed over the years at the real, genuine, "coal face" of being a professional photographer.