Post Date: 16/01/20215 Tips for Cool Engagement Photos
Recommended Photos:good couple shot co-ordinated clothes
Post Date: 23/01/20215 Ideas for Telling Your Love Story in Your Engagement Session
Recommended Photos:good couple shot (younger couple preferred) ideally with personal props
Post Date: 30/01/2021Sell lifestyle, not function
Recommended Photos:Good product lifestyle shots
Post Date: 06/02/2021Active Children No Problem!
Recommended Photos:1 or 2 pictures of an active child - ideally more candid
Post Date: 13/02/2021Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session
Recommended Photos:1 or 2 good boudoir outfits
Post Date: 20/02/2021Preparing for your spring photoshoot
Recommended Photos:Good location spring photos
Post Date: 27/02/2021March Blog/Mailer
Recommended Photos:Gift for Mother's Day
Post Date: 06/03/2021Mad March Headshots
Recommended Photos:Need a good corporate headshot
Post Date: 13/03/2021Prom Photoshoots
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